Lignohumate®Organic biostimulants for real crop improvement

Our innovative preparations promote the growth of agricultural businesses for more than two decades. And these are not just words. Lignohumate® humic compounds are successfully used for treating 15,000,000 hectares of soil in 20 countries around the world. Patented technology allows us to successfully compete in the humic fertilizers market.

Lignohumate is the best offer in the market

We offer high-tech solutions for boosting crop yields, reducing soil treatment expenses, and minimizing losses at an affordable price. All our products meet strict quality standards proved by successful application experiences.

Potent fulvic acids


Active humic substances











Guaranteed profit

Interest to humic fertilizers is growing year by year. The positive results of field and laboratory tests led to the abundance of various brands on the market. But only our plant growth stimulants qualitatively distinguish from common humates. We control every stage of Lignohumate production to ensure the guaranteed growth of your crops.

Quality assurance

We test each batch of our labels, starting with the initial raw materials and ending with the finished product. We archive all laboratory samples. Each product label undergoes mandatory certification with regional authorities.


The high biological activity and high concentration of active humic substances allow you to reduce the treatment cost per hectare and secure a positive yield response at a net cost equivalent to 5% of the budget.

From sale to soil

We provide agricultural producers with scientific and practical support and consultation throughout the supply chain. Our team of experts is there to help everyone who has purchased our humic acid fertilizers.

Scientific approach

We support independent research of our preparations. Our products are being continuously improved thanks to an ever-wider range of specific, reliable, and innovative research.

Buy Lignohumate in Russia and other regions with our partners

Our official distributors' offices are located in many regions of Russia and abroad. Water-soluble fertilizer based on lignohumates successfully used in India, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, the CIS countries and the European Union.
With the increase in production capacity, the company is capable of producing the amount of sodium and potash fertilizers, sufficient to process 15 million hectares of crops. We directly cooperate with large agricultural producers and greenhouses, as well as provide advice and conduct field seminars on the practical application of humate.
Our preparations can be used both for foliar treatments and drip irrigation in combination with mineral fertilizers.
We are interested in cooperation with large agricultural enterprises and distributors of agrochemistry. Producers of agricultural products value our products for undeniable advantages:

  • Significant improved crop quality (up to 30%);
  • A noticeable improvement in soil fertility;
  • No carcinogenic and toxic effects on soils.

A wide range of application of lignohumate pruducts ensures its versatility.
With a strong distributor network, Lignohumate humic products are available in many regions within Russia and abroad. For large wholesale orders, we commit to securing direct deliveries from the manufacturer on favorable terms. Looking forward to working with you!

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